Your right-now body is worthy of clothes that feel like "you" 

Try a private virtual shopping session (no, it's not an expensive luxury!)

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Here's what you can expect when you book your virtual private shopping session.

  • Book a Zoom Shopping Session. Your $35 booking fee will be applied to the clothing you purchase.
  • Log in at your appointment time, and I'll select options from my available inventory of carefully curated preowned clothing. I'll help you choose clothes that work for your lifestyle needs, style preferences, etc.
  • Pay the custom invoice that I'll email after our shopping session (your $35 booking fee will be applied as a discount off of your total.)
    * Pricing is flat-rate, and items are priced by category. Nothing is more than $32. On average, shoppers choose about six items and spend about $150, but there's no minimum or maximum.
  • Receive your items, thoughtfully packaged in recyclable packaging.
  • If anything doesn't work out, just return it for store credit!

Is shopping a struggle? Do you relate to any of these?

  • Nothing fits right!
  • You have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear.
  • Putting together outfits is so frustrating!
  • It's nearly impossible to find kid-free time to get to stores.
  • Trying to figure out "what's in style" is overwhelming and confusing.
  • Buying high-quality clothing is so expensive.
  • You feel like you "don't have any fashion sense"

Let me be your wardrobe genie and transform your experience with clothing!

Book A Shopping Session!

Truly life changing. I feel like myself in my capsule wardrobe. You’ve given me permission to love my right now body and to clothe it in ways that feel like me. As my body changes - my clothes need to change, too. It’s not my body’s job to change to fit into my jeans!

— Lizzie H .

Who is private shopping for?

These are the most common categories of women who shop with The Bluebird Collective. However, even you don't identify with these, that doesn't mean you can't benefit from a private virtual shopping session!

You're a postpartum mama

You're in that awkward stage when nothing fits quite right. Your pre-pregnancy clothes are too small, but your maternity clothes are too big. I can help you find a few highly versatile staple pieces that pack a big punch.

You are between sizes

You're experiencing size fluctuation and you don't want to buy a whole new wardrobe. You need a handful of versatile basics that work perfectly for you in this transitional season.

You need a wardrobe refresh

You're just plain ready for a refresh. Maybe your closet is full of clothes that don't make sense together, or maybe you're just ready for some new-to-you favorites.

You want to shop more sustainably

You're a thoughtful shopper and you're aware of the potential impact of your spending power. You're ready to start shopping more thoughtfully for clothing, but don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars to buy brand new ethically made clothing.

Here's what other women have said!

Caroline is fantastic at helping you figure out your style! The questions she asks make you think and get clear on what you want from your wardrobe. She helped me build my confidence to wear those clothes that sit there because they are “special.”

- Brittany P.

I have worked with Caroline on a couple capsules and she has been so thoughtful with each piece and gracious when I felt that I wanted to trying to find something else to switch out. She has an eye for finding lasting pieces.

- Olivia H.

I bought a capsule last year and was so pleased with the ease of the process but working one on one with Caroline. She is thoughtful and knowledgeable. I absolutely loved having someone else pick out the pieces to help me get out of my usual comfort zone while still looking like myself. I would highly recommend for anyone looking to add a few second hand pieces to their closet

- Brittany B.

When you shop with The Bluebird Collective...

You can expect a shopping experience unlike anything you've experienced. Here are four of the pillars that make The Bluebird Collective unique.


Preowned Clothing

Every item of clothing from The Bluebird Collective is preowned, and carefully hand-curated to ensure that it's in excellent, nearly-new condition.
The clothing industry produces a shocking amount of waste (an estimated 36 billion items per year in the US alone!).
By choosing to shop for high-quality preowned clothes, we're keeping clothes in circulation longer so they stay out of landfills.


Plastic-Free Packaging

Each item is shipped in recycled and recyclable packaging.
It's hand-packed with all of the love and gratitude in the world, but no extra fluff that'll just end up in the trash.


Flat-Rate Pricing

You'll notice that all items within each category are the same price (i.e. all tops are the same price, all dresses the same, etc.)
This is because sustainable, ethical clothing can be very expensive.
By offering high-quality preowned clothing at a flat rate price, regardless of the original retail price, we can level the playing field and make sustainable, high-quality clothing more affordable for all budgets.


Easy Returns for Store Credit

If anything doesn't work out for you, simply request a prepaid return label by emailing me. You'll be reimbursed for the cost of your order in store credit, less $4.99 return shipping.

Meet Caroline.

Hi! I'm a self-trained mama stylist. My passion for helping women feel vibrant and confident in their clothing has developed out of my own struggles to understand my personal style and dress my postpartum body.

I'm not here for the clothes, but I'm here for what the clothes can do for the woman wearing them.
My heart is to help you understand the way that you can use clothing to become a more empowered, confident, vibrant woman. When you do that, you might find that you begin to reclaim a bit of yourself that might have gotten lost in motherhood.

I'm a wife to a firefighter and mama to two preschoolers who keep me on my toes. I'm all about easy, polished clothing that makes me feel put-together and confident without using any of my precious brain power. I want the same for you!