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Clothes shopping like you've never experienced before.

A carefully curated 5-piece clothing bundle, styled to let you feel gorgeous, confident, and comfortable in your right-now body.

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What if your closet was filled with beautiful clothes that perfectly fit and flatter your right-now body, but you didn't even have to shop for them?!

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

  • Your closet is overwhelming, packed to the gills with clothes that don't make sense together. You need some basic wardrobe building blocks to help make your closet more functional.
  • Maybe your size has recently changed and you need a few highly functional items to fill in gaps in your wardrobe.
  • Shopping, whether online or in stores, is frustrating, discouraging, and you always walk out emptyhanded after trying on dozens of items that somehow looked totally different on the mannequin. You wish there was a way someone could just do it for you.

What if there was a way to take all of the frustration out of clothes shopping?

What if you could have a done-for-you shopping experience without setting foot in a store? What if everything magically fit your right-now body, felt like "you", and made getting dressed feel fun, easy, and empowering every day?!

That's exactly why I created my custom capsule bundles!

I wanted to make getting dressed easy, empowering, and fun!

Custom Capsule Bundles

This is a curated 5-piece bundle of high-quality preowned clothing, chosen for your specific fit, body shape, and lifestyle needs and preferences.


You complete a simple online questionnaire and then I do all of the work of shopping!


I choose high-quality, like-new preowned clothing as a sustainable alternative to the wasteful, unethical fast fashion industry.


Using your body measurements (I show exactly how to measure - it's super simple!) and my expertise, I choose items that fit and flatter your unique body shape while feeling classic, beautiful, and stylish.


After I've finished shopping, I send you a beautiful email with descriptions of each item and a custom video with styling suggestions. When you approve it, I ship it for free in low-waste recycled, recyclable packaging!

So, who's doing the shopping?

Hi! I'm Caroline!

I've always loved shopping. When I was about 2, my mom says that I walked into a store, put my hands on my hips, and sighed, "I just love to shop."

There were seasons when it lost its luster, and it felt frustrating, overwhelming, and discouraging. Especially when my body had dramatically changed after having 2 babies 16 months apart.

I was about 3 months postpartum with my second baby when I realized the power of clothes that fit my right-now body. I experienced the empowerment and major confidence boost of a pair of jeans that fit in the size I needed, not the size I used to be. Ever since then, my first piece of advice to any new mama who asks is, "Invest in some clothes to fit your new postpartum body. You're worthy of spending money on clothes that make you feel beautiful, even if you'll only be wearing them for a short season."

I own and operate The Bluebird Collective, and I've gotten to offer the confidence boost and empowerment of well-fitting clothes to dozens women (not just postpartum mamas, either!). It's a dream!

I believe that you're so much more than the clothes that you wear, but that the way you feel in your clothes has tremendous power over your days.

But don't take it from me! Here's what a few of my clients have said!

What's included?

  • 5 high-quality preowned clothing items in nearly-new condition. Original retail value is typically between $30-$100.
  • $300+ Value
  • Custom Personal Styling Video with tips for styling each item
  • $75 Value
  • Custom Shopping Guide with tips for your own future shopping trips. Includes fit recommendations based on your body shape.
  • $50 Value

A $425 value for just $147!


Who is this for?

This is for any woman who...

  • Needs a few strategic, transitional clothing items to bridge the gap between seasons
  • Has a closet full of clothes that don't make sense together, and needs a few versatile, functional basics
  • Has changed sizes recently and needs clothes that fit her current body
  • Is in that awkward postpartum "nothing fits right" stage, and needs clothes to fit in her current season
  • Wants to begin shopping more sustainably and ethically, but doesn't have the budget to start shopping for new ethically made items.
  • Doesn't want to or doesn't feel comfortable shopping stores, and struggles with online shopping
  • Feel overwhelmed and frustrated when trying to find clothes that fit
  • Needs comfortable business professional attire for Zoom meetings or for adjusting back to working in an office
  • This isn't an exhaustive list, but it describes many of the clients I've served.

How do I order?

Ordering is easy! Just scroll up or down this page until you see a green order button - that'll take you straight to the checkout page on my website!

Can you make a capsule for a nursing mama?

Absolutely! That's one of my favorite types of capsules, because it's so close to my heart. If there's any season of life when it's particularly important to feel good in your clothes, it's the postpartum stage. Not only are you adjusting to the addition of a baby to your family, but you're also adjusting to a new body. You're worthy of investing in clothes that fit in that season, even if you only wear them for a few months.

Can you make a capsule for a special event?

Definitely! Just specify your needs when you fill out your questionnaire. I've been asked to curate capsules for business trips and vacations - I can do just about anything!

Can I add on extra items?

Yes! If you'd like to add any items that are currently in stock on my site, such as clothing or accessories, then just check out on my site ( instead of through the checkout button on this page. Add all desired items to your cart and complete your order as usual!

Why do you use preowned clothes?

I am passionate about ethical and sustainable clothes shopping. Most ethical clothing brands are pricey, and preowned clothes offers a more accessible sustainable shopping option. Additionally, a staggering amount of clothing is dumped in landfills each day. By shopping preowned, we're keeping clothing in circulation and out of landfills.

What is the refund policy?

While I work hard to ensure that all items will fit you well, occasionally an item just doesn't quite work. In that case, I'll work with you find an alternate option or I'll issue you equivalent site credit to be used on any future purchase from my site.

"It’s absolutely changed my life. That feels silly to say about clothes but you touched on my worth as a human. I feel beautiful and confident and like myself again - that’s truly priceless."

- Lizzie H.

"I felt so good about my purchase knowing it was making a difference. Caroline was crazy helpful and answered all of my questions. I picked it out & was so excited to make my first purchase. I wasn’t prepared to receive such a thoughtfully packaged item. Caroline has thought of it all and it’s so sweet & inspiring to me!"

- Sarah P.

"Caroline has been AMAZINGLY helpful in learning how to make the shift to a sustainable and ethical wardrobe! She has so much to share and meets you right where you are when it comes to making changes!"

- Laura A.

"Bluebird collective did a fabulous job on putting together a capsule for me! I felt like she really understood my style and picked pieces that were comfortable for me while also pushing me a bit in my style."

- Gina K.

"I love all the pieces of clothing I’ve purchased from The Bluebird Collective. Each item I’ve purchased as become one of my favorite things to wear! I love the mission behind the company!"

- Elizabeth B.

"The capsule collection experience was unlike any shopping experience I’ve ever had! I work a full time job, am a new mom, and really wanted something for me. I want to transition sustainable, but I also did not want to spend more time on my phone scrolling, or searching racks of clothing at stores. I gifted myself a capsule, but the main gift was the experience! I felt like a queen basically giving all my clothing wants to Caroline and she nailed it. It was such a fun experience from start to finish. I ordered another capsule to be used and I am saving it for when I need a pick me up :) cherry on top of it all? I’m helping keep clothes in circulation and doing a little good!."

-Paige W.

What's the process?

Day 0

Order Online

With just a few clicks, you'll submit your order online through my website.

Day 1

Complete the Questionnaire

Upon receiving your order, I'll email you a fun questionnaire. The questionnaire will make it easy for you to show me your style preferences, update or create a style Pinterest board, and measure your body so that I can nail the fit!

It's all super easy, and the questionnaire will guide you through everything, including a video to walk you through the measurements! My goal is for your entire experience to be fun and easy!

Days 2-10

Sit back and relax while I work my magic!

My process includes creating a mood board for your capsule, shopping (I support local businesses in San Antonio, TX), and then composing your preview email!

Here are a few mood boards that I created for recent clients - these help me keep a clear vision while I'm shopping and stay true to your needs and preferences.

Day 10(ish)

Check your inbox!

Approximately 5-10 business days after you complete your questionnaire, I'll send your preview email!
Your preview email will contain:

  • photos of each of your items
  • a custom video with a explanation of your capsule and styling tips
  • a bonus custom shopping guide with tips to make your future shopping trips easier, more fun, and more successful!

You will have an opportunity to make changes if you'd like to, and after you approve your capsule, I package it with SO much love and send it your way!

Day 15(ish)

Happy Mail Day!

I ship for free via USPS Priority Mail. Your bundle will arrive thoughtfully wrapped in low-waste recycled and recyclable packaging.

Imagine if having a personal shopper wasn't a privilege just for the wealthy.

Friend, you're worthy of investing in clothes that make you feel beautiful, confident, vibrant, and whole. It's not extravagant, wasteful, or selfish to let someone else do the shopping. When you show up for yourself, you're able to show up better for your people.

Imagine yourself: vibrant, confident, well-dressed, and feeling fully yourself.

Are you ready? I am!

I can't wait to get your capsule in your hands!

It's time for a whole new shopping experience.

Let me take all of the frustration out of shopping and curate a highly functional, versatile, beautiful capsule just for you!

A $425+ Value for just $147!